STU ESTLER and PREMIER PHOTO TOURS were featured in the Washington Post Weekend section article “Stepping Up From Snapshots” by Lavanya Ramanathan on Friday, March 11, 2011!

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Discover Those Pictures Hiding In Plain Sight

You’ve experienced it. That same little spot you drive by twice a day, to and from work. You see it day after day, until it blends into the background and you almost stop noticing it. Then all of a sudden, one day you see a photograph made in that same simple little place, a photograph that stops you in your tracks, an image that rivals the finest works of the masters like Ansel Adams.

You wonder, “Why have I never seen that? I’m a creative photographer. Why didn’t I see that picture?”

We’ve all experienced that feeling of excitement and stimulation that being in a new environment gives us. It may be someplace we’ve never been before, where everything is new and full of visual possibilities. It may be someplace so familiar that we don’t feel we can find anything interesting there, but now, in the company of new eyes, of a different perspective, we begin to see it in a whole new way.

At Premier Photo Tours, we vow that every workshop you experience with us, from a half-day local Photo Walk to a two-week Full-Immersion Photography Excursion, will stoke that creative fire to a roaring blaze. Our imaginative, highly experienced instructors will show you how to look at your world from an entirely new and exciting viewpoint.

Our Photo Walks are suitable for all levels of photography experience, whether you’re a novice beginner, an advanced shooter or anywhere in between. As these mini-workshops focus on style, techniques and creativity, any type of camera is fine – SLR, point & shoot – even cell phone cameras! (Which have become pretty amazing.) You’re learning concepts you apply to all types of photography.

The more you interact and exchange ideas with your instructor and fellow participants, the more you realize your tour is becoming a creative mastermind session, opening your eyes to a world of new possibilities.


Current Tours

Discover the “magic hour” as the sun dips low and the world comes alive with color. Late fall is the perfect time to catch the setting sun and still make it home in time for dinner! We have Twilight Walks at The National Mall and Monuments, in Georgetown, DC and Annapolis, MD.

Capture nature’s specticle of spring around the Tidal Basin as the Cherry Blossoms burst into bloom!  We have Walks scheduled daily as long as the blossoms are there, so register early to be sure to get your spot.

Experience our full-emersion Spanish Language and Photography Workshop in Antigua Guatemala, named a 2009 “Best Travel Destination”.

And for a truly rewarding, life-changing exprience, consider joining or Design4Kids Workshop as a mentor! Learn more on our TravelTours page.

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The Photo Mentor Classes

Like the idea of learning and honing your photography skills in a class environment? The Photo Mentor offers classes from beginner to advanced, both in-person and by email on your schedule.

Classes are beginning right now – see The Photo Mentor page for more info and to register.

For Additional Information And To Register For Our Classes and Tours,  Call 301 340-2259 or register on the Registration page.